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Complete Restoration offers fire damage restoration services in and near Salt Lake City, UT. Removing fire damaged areas of your home including floors, walls, and ceilings. It’s also crucial to remove smoke odors to avoid headaches and other health problems. Clearing all of the damage and smell away is pivotal to resuming your life. When you’re dealing with the aftermath of a fire, choosing professionals in fire damage restoration and smoke damage restoration is one of the best decisions you can make.

It’s overwhelming to try to cope with the trauma and stress of the event alone. Having trained and certified technicians come in and assist with recovery, remediation, and repair will help you get the peace of mind you deserve. Complete Restoration will remove the fire and smoke damaged materials, clear the smoke smell from every room and all belongings, and fully restore your home. Our prompt and professional fire restoration service will be tailored to your situation and your home, providing you with a well-communicated, personalized plan for fire and smoke damage restoration

Servicing Salt Lake Valley & Tooele

Our teams of fire home restoration professionals are available for all of your fire, smoke, & soot damage needs in the Salt Lake Metropolitan area. We proudly offer peace of mind to the residents all across the Wasatch Front.

Fire Restoration

Fire restoration services begin immediately after the fires are out by identifying the areas that are damaged. Next steps include smoke removal and removing the parts of the structure which need to be replaced. Lastly your home will be rebuilt to as good, or better than new condition.

Smoke Restoration

Areas of your home that were not involved directly in a fire still will have a very strong smoke odor. Smoke damage restoration is a necessary step to restoring your home to a livable and enjoyable condition. Our mission is to make your home like new.

fireman fighting home fire

Fire Damage Cleanup & Repair

Typically, after a fire, many types of damage have to be addressed. These include:

  • Fire damage
  • Soot damage
  • Smoke damage
    • Walls, surfaces and ducts – where the smoke is absorbed and trapped
    • Furniture, carpets, clothing and other textiles – smoke odor permeates the fabric and clings to it.
  • General Damage Repair
  • Water/Foam damage from putting out the fire

After the fire is out, call the professionals at Complete Restoration to clean up the mess and rebuild your home.

Fire and Smoke Cleanup and Restoration

Our team will make sure that whatever the cause of the fire and smoke damage, cleanup will be thorough and complete. We will assess the damage, remove affected furniture and belongings, wipe every surface with specific cleaners that encapsulate and neutralize smoke and soot particles, repair all damage, and then bring back your cleaned items. We have the skill, knowledge, experience and equipment to do the job right.

Our Process

You will love our craftsmanship and quality. We provide exceptional, prompt service for your fire, smoke, and soot damage.

We guarantee our work and strive to make sure every customer is pleased with their home restoration.

Frequently Asked Questions:


When your home has been affected by a fire and/or smoke, the smell is the first problem that most people are concerned about. The quickest action to take is to increase ventilation by opening windows. 

Perhaps the most important thing to know is that speed matters – it is highly advised that you do smoke damage clean up within a few days of the fire if you possibly can, since the damage from smoke and soot grows more extensive and difficult to deal with the longer you wait. The best thing to do is to call a fire damage restoration service- trained teams have the supplies, equipment and manpower to clean up quickly and thoroughly. 

The next step is to protect yourself- wear goggles, a mask and gloves when cleaning up. Dry out anything that may be wet from putting out the fire. Remove any material and property that is too damaged to save. Then wipe every surface, rinse and repeat until the soot and the smell are gone. Carefully vacuum soot from carpet and upholstery before wiping. Clean carefully so that soot isn’t ground into the fibers. Repaint and repair any walls or other parts of your home that require it. Clothing and other personal items should be carefully cleaned and deodorized. 
There are many do it yourself ideas for ridding your home of the smell that may linger after cleaning, but a professional will use a hydroxyl generator which will effectively remove any and all lingering odor.


Smoke damage is physical or structural damage caused by the smoke from a fire, rather from the fire itself. Smoke has soot in it, and creates a challenge because the soot can be oily, and the odor from smoke damage can be very hard to remove. Smoke damage restoration is generally included in most homeowner’s insurance policies.


The walls should be thoroughly cleaned with a good, strong cleaner and rinsed, possibly repeatedly, but not to the point of saturation. Smoke may cause discoloration and leave an odor that can’t be removed with DIY methods. After thoroughly cleaning, the walls may need to be primed and painted, which will help. The very best choice is to call a professional who will make sure the smoke damage is completely cleaned up and the walls look as good as they did before the fire.


Repairing your home after a fire is a big job, is often complicated and could be dangerous- call us! Trained and certified, experienced and quick, we can get your home repaired and restored and get you past the difficult experience in a minimum of time. Your insurance company will most likely cover all costs, so leave the job to us. Your first steps after a fire should include cooperating with authorities and only re-entering when it is safe to do so. Next, open windows to ventilate, but don’t start cleaning until after you’ve called your insurance company to determine their requirements. Then call a fire and water damage restoration company.


If you’d like to try to clean your clothes yourself, you’ll need to divide clothes into groups. Separate them into groups that need to have the smoke odor removed, soot removed, or both. To get the smoke smell out, wash clothes in small batches in cold water with chemicals designed specially for smoke odor removal. If the smoke smell remains, rinse and repeat until the smoke odor is gone. To try to remove soot, you’ll want to use a degreaser as well. To remove both, you’ll need a combination in addition to laundry detergent. You may need to wash items several times. Our content team is trained and uses specialized detergents that can simplify this process for you. Our treatments will encapsulate the smoke molecules so they will release from your clothing and each item will be completely clean and odor free.  We go a step further and give all clothing an ozone treatment to eliminate any lingering odors.


When there is a fire in your home, most of the house and its contents will be affected by the smell, which is the most prevalent form of smoke damage. If items simply have an odor, move them to a well ventilated area and wipe them carefully and completely. If there is visible smoke damage, that is caused by soot and must be cleaned carefully and with appropriate cleaners so that the soot isn’t pressed into fibers or the cracks and crevices of an item. It may take many passes with a sponge soaked in cleaner, and many days to air out the smell to fully recover an item.  When we clean contents we do a very detailed clean with specialized chemicals and also do an ozone treatment on all items.  Please consider letting us help with your fire damage restoration!


A basic homeowners insurance policy will cover fire and smoke damage, including damage to dwelling and outbuildings (sheds or garages) and personal property and contents. Your policy may even cover damage from a fire occurring on someone else’s property. It’s important to be familiar with your coverage before a fire or incident so that you can get the proper help as soon as possible. Additional fire insurance policies can be purchased, and businesses should look into their insurance needs and purchase appropriate policies.


Yes, you can. Make sure the walls are completely clean first. It is helpful to work section by section, cleaning the walls with a sponge soaked in cleaner and rinse with a clean wet rag. Repeat if necessary, but don’t saturate the walls. Allow to dry. Then prime walls with a primer/sealer and paint.


Without professional cleaning techniques, it’s possible that the effects of smoke damage will never go away. Your home is filled with porous materials that will absorb smoke, and has nooks and crannies that smoke and soot can cling to and hide in. Smoke is made up of chemicals and small particles and must be dealt with on a molecular level to truly be eradicated. This is another reason why professional help is the very best way to deal with smoke damage.


After a fire, electronics must be dealt with very carefully. First, unplug them, disconnect them from a power source or remove the batteries. For computers and other items with storage and memory, remove the memory cards, or hard drive to preserve the data, then clean the soot and smoke damage. Use a soft rag to wipe down the exterior and use an air compressor to carefully blow out and vents, outlets or ports. When an electronic device is affected by a fire, soot and its acidic nature can cause corrosion, and can invade small spaces and insulate parts causing overheating. The magnetic charge from smoke can also cause electronics to short circuit. Items like this would be covered by an insurance policy and a professional would provide the most effective smoke damage restoration for your electronics.

Schedule Fire Damage Restoration Service

We are here to help 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help you with fire damage restoration and cleaning services. Our team will come in after the fire is out to assess the damage. We will prepare a restoration plan to remove not just the areas destroyed by the fire, but also help by removing the smoke odor. We will help coordinate the cost of repairing your home with your insurance company.