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If you’re searching for a water damage repair or flood restoration company in Salt Lake City, look no further! We provide emergency water extraction, drying, and restoration services around the clock. We offer emergency water cleanup and repair services 24/7. Our prompt and professional response services will be tailored to you and your home, providing a well-communicated, personalized plan for water damage restoration.

In the face of water damage and flooding, our experienced technicians will be there to help eliminate water and debris, dry the affected area, and restore your property to its original state or better. Our water damage restoration services will mitigate the harm to your home while preserving its value.

What to do when water damage occurs

Water in the basement? Find the source and shut it off. Whether it is coming from a broken water pipe, appliance, window well, toilet – doesn’t matter – you have to find the source and stop the water.

Water Damage Restoration - Stop the leak


If the source of the water is:

    • Broken Pipe – Turn off the water main or a valve before the break.
    • Plugged Toilet – Turn off the valve before the tank and use a plunger to unclog it.
    • Leaking Faucet – Turn off the valve before the faucet or at the water manifold. The water main can also be turned off if you cannot find the other valves. Be careful- this will turn off all the water in the house.
    • Broken Drain – Stop using water. Turn off all sinks, toilets, etc. that might be above that drain.

After turning off the source, call the professionals at Complete Restoration to clean up the mess, and restore any damage done by the water or flood. 

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Water Damage Cleanup Process

Complete Restoration™ is a top water damage restoration service company in the Salt Lake Valley. We will respond to your emergency 24/7. Our team will arrive prepared to promptly extract water and dispose of unsalvageable materials.

We will strategically place fans and dehumidifiers to completely dry out the affected area. Once everything is dry, we will restore the area to your satisfaction. We guarantee our work and strive to make sure every customer is pleased with the restoration.

How to Prevent Water Damage from Happening Your Home

Water damage may happen due to uncontrollable events. However, steps can be taken to reduce the chances.

Some of these steps are:

  • Watch your water bill for unexpected high usage.
  • Don’t use any water in your house for a couple of hours and see if the meter changes.
  • Put food coloring in your toilet tank and check to see if it gets into the toilet bowl without it having been flushed.
  • Check for leaks under sinks and toilets.
  • Watch for yellowing or bulging of sheetrock or plaster.





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Frequently Asked Questions:


Does homeowners insurance cover water damage?

In many instances, it is! Most insurance companies and policies cover sudden, accidental water events such as a burst pipe or a washing machine hose rupture. A standard policy typically covers damage like replacing a water-damaged floor or ceiling, and if you have personal property coverage, it will also cover repair or replacement of belongings affected by the water.


What is the best way to fix water damaged ceiling?

Prompt action is crucial for effective water damage restoration! Before mold has a chance to grow, address the issue quickly. First, identify and repair the leak source. Then, contact Complete Restoration – we’ll handle the cleanup process.

To dry the ceiling both above and below, remove wet insulation and any damaged drywall or plaster. Utilize fans and towels for thorough drying. Next, remove any loose portions of the ceiling and patch large holes with new drywall or plaster. Lastly, sand, prime, and paint. Water damaged ceiling repairs can be hazardous and challenging, but our professional, experienced team will restore it quickly and beautifully.


How do I maximize my water damage insurance claim?

As soon as you discover a water leak or flood, act quickly to minimize the damage. Call the necessary professionals, like a plumber for a burst pipe, and a restoration company like us to assist with cleanup, repair, and handling any damaged personal items or furniture.

Document the damage with photos and videos, and create an inventory list of affected items. Have professionals generate quotes and reports, and keep invoices and receipts for services you’ve already paid for. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible.


How do you repair water damaged drywall?

If your drywall has gotten wet, it’s important to dry it out as quickly as possible. If it has just begun to get damp, it can be dried out with fans, and secured in place, and painted. If it has become saturated, it will need to be removed (along with any wet insulation) and the area allowed to dry before repair. When it is time for the repair, cut out the damaged drywall in the shape of a rectangle or square.

Use a drywall or keyhole saw and watch out for wires and plumbing. Measure and install replacement pieces. Tape over the seams and apply the first coat of joint compound. Spread the compound out 4 to 6 inches from the edge of the repair to help it blend with the wall. Let this dry, then sand it smooth. Wipe off the dust and apply a second coat. Let dry and sand. Prime the repair and paint over the entire area.


Should carpet be replaced after water damage?

The need for carpet replacement depends on the water source and duration of exposure. Clean water sources, such as supply pipes or ice maker lines, usually allow for water removal and carpet drying. However, if the water comes from an unsanitary source, like sewer water, or has been on the carpet for 48 hours or more, the carpet and padding often need replacement. Call us for assistance with any water-damaged carpet!


What is the best way to prevent mold after water damage?

The very best way to prevent mold is to make sure everything is dried out completely and properly. Water must be fully extracted, fans must be used to dry out whatever is left damp, insulation that is wet must be discarded and replaced, if the flooring is wet, subflooring and padding under carpet must be removed or dried.

According to the EPA, if materials have been wet for 48 hours, mold growth may have already occurred. It is best to consult with experienced and certified professionals to make sure mold damage does not occur.  Contact us for mold damage repair.


Does water damage decrease home value?

Yes, water damage does decrease home value. If a storm or flood has affected your home, structural damage such as rotting wood, sagging beams, or cracks in walls can occur. If your home didn’t dry properly after these events, then there could also be mold present. It is very important to find and identify these issues and assess the damage, then have it properly mitigated and repaired. Once your home is restored, its value will be restored as well.


What are the essential steps to clean up water damage in a home?

If your home needs water damage repair, the first things to do are: make sure the water has stopped, clean up the water, and make sure everything is dry. Once it is dry, patch any drywall that was removed, and repaint the patched area, or the entire wall if needed. Replace and paint any affected baseboard as well. Replace or clean the affected flooring. Clean and place furniture or belongings in the space. Finally, take steps to prevent any future water damage.


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